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Duplicate Files Remover
System Security Advisor Startup Manager
Duplicate Files Remover Content  


Duplicate File Remover is a secure and a powerful tool to identify duplicate files on the system. Duplicate files are copies of original files which are saved on the system unintentionally. The user may be unaware that a file may have multiple copies on the system. Over the time, the bulk of multiple copies becomes voluminous. Not only extra hard disk space is consumed because of this, the data access time also increases. Most importantly, this may lead to a lot of confusion and cause human errors .

Each file on the system consumes a bit of space, and identical files occupy valuable space multifold. It is necessary to free the unnecessarily occupied space from the unneeded copies of the same file.

Duplicate files can be identified by similar names, size, content, certain similar attributes and creation and modification date and time. Binary Comparison is the latest and the finest mode of identifying identical files.

Many may think finding duplicate files manually is a cakewalk but it demands a lot of time and attention. A search for a single cluster of identical files may take a huge amount of time. Moreover, our eyes may skip duplicate files with different names but same content. Many more loopholes like this prove manual detection, an impractical and unreliable venture.

With Duplicate File Remover, the search for identical files is easy and accurate. It examines the existing files and folders on the system and does an intelligent comparison between them and puts forth the scan results. No file can skip its search. Even compressed and hidden files are included during the scan. Surely, the scan can be customized and the default settings may be changed using various options under the “Settings” tab.


Scan System

The deduplication check (dedupe i.e. removing duplicates) has been classified into 6 easy steps (see left panel):

  1. Welcome
  2. Select Locations
  3. Scan Progress
  4. Scan Result
  5. Cleaning
  6. Finish

Step1: Welcome

It is always better to clean the unneeded copies of original files from system and free up the valuable hard disk space.

Click on “Select Locations” in order to specify locations where you wish to run a thorough scan for duplicate files. On doing this, you will navigate to the next step.

Step2: Select Locations

Clicking on “Select Locations” will navigate to the next step. A list box will be displayed from which you can browse through the Windows Explorer and select files and folders to be scanned for duplicates. An edit box is also given below the list box where you can paste the desired path to be scanned and click on “Add to List”.

You can select the item from the list box and click on the arrow button to include it in the list of items to be scanned. The “Remove” button helps you to remove the items which are supposed to be scanned for duplicates. To start the process of scanning, click on the “Scan Now” button in the bottom right corner.

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Duplicate Files Remover screen

Step3: Scan Progress

The specified locations in the last step are thoroughly scanned and analyzed in this step. The scanning progress is displayed corresponding to each specified location. At any time, the scan can be stopped by clicking on “Stop Scan” button.

Step4: Scan Result

The duplicate files identified during scan are grouped according to the file matching criteria and displayed in the tabular format. The duplicate files are clustered together in groups and these groups are shown in alternate colors.

Each group will have the original copy of the file along with the duplicate copies. It is up to the user to opt for files to be deleted from each group and the list.

For convenience, the scan results are also divided into five different categories. Each category will consist of duplicate files related to the category e.g. the duplicate image files will be displayed under the Images category.

Two options are given when you right-click on any item, “View File” and “Open File Location”.

  • View File –The content of the selected file can be viewed clicking on this option.
  • Open File Location –This option will help you to open the file location of the selected file.

The duplicate files to be deleted can be selected from the list. The cleaning process will follow by clicking on the “Remove Duplicates” button. Before removing any duplicate, make sure that the original copy is not deleted.

Step5: Cleaning

Duplicate File Finder removes all the selected duplicate files and moves them to the Recycle Bin. As a precaution, a system restore point is also created. In case, the changes are not welcoming, the system can be restored to the last known configuration.

To stop the process of removing duplicate files, click on “Cancel” button.

Step6: Finish

Once the cleaning is through, the cleanup summary is shown. The total number of duplicate files found, the total number of files removed and the estimated disk space saved after removal. All these are listed in the summary.



File Matching Criteria

During the scanning process, the duplicate files can be identifies using the following file matching criteria.

  • Same file name (ignoring the case) –Files with similar names are grouped together.
  • Same modification date and time –Files with same creations and modification dates are grouped together.
  • Same size – File of same size are grouped together.
  • Use Binary file comparison using CRC –CRC is the Cyclic Redundancy Check. Two files with matching CRC will in most cases have the same content. Comparison becomes quite easy using the CRC method. It is a slow process of comparison, but very reliable. It is recommended that the option remains checked during scanning.
  • Do not generate CRC for files bigger than 128MB (Recommended) – If this option is checked, CRC will not be generated for the files bigger than 128MB.

File Types

Duplicate files found are sorted under various file types. The duplicate files to be removed can be selected from the various lists, and an original copy of each should be preserved.

  • Search all files –All the duplicate files along with the original copies are listed under this category.
  • Music Files –All duplicate music files along with the original copies are sorted under this category.
  • Video Files –All the duplicate video files along with the original copies are sorted under this category.
  • Image Files –All the duplicate image files along with the original copies are shown under this category.
  • Document Files –All the duplicate document files along with the original copies are shown under this category.
  • Compressed Files –All the duplicate compressed files along with the original copies are listed under this category.
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File Matching Criteria screen

Ignore List

The Ignore List in the Duplicate File Finder contains the files/folders which are considered important and should be skipped while scanning. You may add or remove items from the list. The items in the list will not be scanned unless and until removed from the list.


Removal procedure can be customized under this section. The duplicate files detected can be deleted in two possible ways. You may select any of the two options suggested.

The default procedure of removal is moving the deleted duplicate files to the Recycle Bin. The other procedure will be to zip the deleted files and folders and create a backup and save it in the location specified by the user. For this you may select the destination folder on the system and save all the deleted duplicate files/folders there.

You may click on the “Save Settings” button to save the changes made in the settings.

Load Results

Each time a scan is performed on the system, the entire list of duplicate files found is saved in this section. Whenever you click on any of the items in the list, the scan results of that particular scan are loaded and displayed. This might prove helpful for future references.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Duplicate Files Remover do?

Duplicate File Remover displays all the files which have more than one instance on the system, based on their location, size and content.

What is the benefit of using Duplicate Files Remover?

Duplicate Files Remover helps to locate and delete duplicate files. This helps free up extra space occupied by the duplicate files on the system.

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